About Vertical Software

Vertical ERP executive core is a veteran group of IT Professionals, with more that 50+ combined years developing software solutions for a wide variety of industries. We strive to provide the best software using the latest technologies. Our support staff is available 24/7 and we try to respond immediately to all support tickets. We will always go the extra distance to ensure our customers are up and running, and at peak performance. Please feel free to contact us with an questions you may have. – Management  

Benefits Of Working With Us

Improved Reporting & Planning

Implementing an Vertical ERP across departments means your organization has a single, unified reporting system for every process.

Improved Efficiency

Vertical ERP can greatly reduce or eliminate repetitive manual processes, thus freeing up team members to focus on revenue-affecting tasks.

Standardized Business Processes

Vertical ERP is developed according to industry best practices. These tried-and-true processes bring major benefits to the table for businesses of all sizes.

Improved Supply Chain Management

With Vertical, your supply chain can become better and more responsive via improved demand forecasting, inventory management, procurement and more.